Features & Pricing

The MHECI DUI Evaluation Case Management Platform is designed for a specific purpose with architecture that requires minimal customization and, therefore, minimal cost


MHECI Platform Features

MHECI enables behavioral health professionals to focus on delivering the best patient care and quality service to clients. From creating case templates to uniform draft reports, MHECI create outstanding DUI reports for your clients, the court, and the Secretary of State.

MHECi Intake
Capture clients' personal and demographic details along with their electronic signature.

MHECi Chronological Use History
Chronological Use History
The tool allows you to accurately record first and last time of use, including DUI events.

MHECi Test Repository
Test Repository
MHECI contains electronic versions of the ASUDS and Mortimer-Filkins instruments for impaired driving offenders.

MHECi Case Management
Case Management
Capture and view all reported information related to the cases.
MHECi Case Templates
Case Templates
Create templates and perform efficient evaluations with services organized in a series or parallel modes.
MHECi Case Based Doc. Manag.
Case Based Doc. Manag.
Enable users to have a central location for all documents associated with a case including external-source documents.

MHECi Case Notes
Case Notes
Supports and facilitates the client interaction, generation of reports, and updates for future reference.
MHECi Criteria for Substance Use
Criteria for Substance Use
The application contains tools for a multidimensional analysis of substance use disorders based on DSM-5 and ASAM Criteria.
MHECi Automatic BAC
Automatic BAC
Automatic BAC calculation to corroborate if clients reported consumption is consistent with the BAC recorded in law enforcement reports.

MHECi Time Capture & Due Date
Time Capture & Due Date
Set due dates within the evaluation for when activities should completed or updated.
MHECi Reports
Create the reports required by external referral resources like the courts, Secretary of State, lawyers, Department of Human Services, etc.
MHECi Multi Office
Multi Office
An organization that has multiple location can create separate instances and assign individual users to each location.

MHECi Dashboard
Dependening on users roles, it provides at glance statistical information with respect to cases created, in progress and compeleted.
MHECi User Module
User Module
Allows agencies to control the access of information dependent on the users role.
MHECI incorporates an Advanced Programing Interface which facilitates the need to integrate with other applications.

MHECi Security
HIPPA and OAuth 2.0 compliant.
MHECi Data Backup
Data Backup
The ability to backup all of the information generated within the application on a scheduled basis.
MHECi Access from Anywhere
Access from Anywhere
MHECI is a software as a service based product and is accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity.

MHECI Platform Pricing

Most software companies are in the business of designing generic software to capture as much market share as possible. This forces clients to continue spending on customization just to meet their basic requirements.

The MHECI platform is designed for a specific purpose with architecture that requires minimal customization and, therefore, minimal cost.